The Space Business Institute aims to help ensure that the business fundamentals are in place toensure realizing the full potential of the space economy.Such fundamentals include the availability of various forms of financing from willing investors,the presence of motivated entrepreneurs keen to embark on space-related ventures, and theavailability of business talent qualified in various required functional roles like sales, finance,strategy and others.The Space Business Institute grew out of the perception that–likely due to the historical natureof space being more confined to government missions while the commercial space sector isrelatively nascent—the space community is still relatively technical in nature and there is aneed to educate the important above stakeholder groups–entrepreneurs, investors, and stafftalent—about the business aspects of space. This is the aim of our education activities.Our research activities aim to underpin our educational activities by generating relevant originalwork.Whatever your role and interest in the space ecosystem, we encourage you to join us on ourmission, e.g. as a contributor, volunteer or sponsor. Get in touch with us