Educational activities

Our educational activities currently include

  • Courses on space business finance and the space economy, e.g. at the Swiss Institute of Technology, on the Udemy platform, and at the International¬† SpaceUniversity
  • Publications, including an introductory book on the space economy
  • The Space Business Podcast
  • Acting as expert speakerson the topics of space business, finance and the space economy at relevant public and private events, both in-presence and online, such as conferences open to the public but also private corporate workshops. Please contact us to check availability for your event.
  • Acting as an expert source for journalists covering these topics. Please contact us.

Target groups

Our education activities on the business, finance and economics aspects of space are targeted at important stakeholder groups such as

  • Existing space entrepreneurs from a technical background keen to learn more about business aspects
  • Potential space entrepreneurs, including from sectors outside of space, keen to understand the structure and potential ofthe space sector
  • Business talent, again including from sectors outside of space, curious to understand the space sector with a view to a potential career move into the sector
  • Investors, including specifically generalist investors such as angels, family offices,venture capital and private equity, keen to learn about the potential investmen topportunity set in the space sector
  • Civic leaders, looking to understand the potential the space sector holds as an economic driver and/or the potential of space businesses to solve relevant problems in their constituencies
  • General public